Why is the printing different from my design preview on digital screen?

We are proud to say most Snappers are happy, if not overwhelmingly impressed with our products. While we work hard to deliver the best possible print quality using digital-to-garment technology, a slight difference in color and vibrancy between the image you see on a mobile screen and the one printed on the T-shirt is inevitable. Between digital input and color printing output, factors such as different display screen models, degree of screen degradation, color temperature, color of illuminating light etc. would contribute to slight color variations. These would add up along the production process and result in the slight color difference in the end product.

Snaptee put your 100% satisfaction at our top priority, nothing else. If you find your print drastically different compared to what you see on your screen, you can contact us WITHIN 10 DAYS of receiving Snaptee products (according to the delivery date on the tracking record) to apply for a reprint.

To apply, just submit the followings by emailing to cs@snaptee.co:

  1. Pictures showing the defective parts of the unused Snaptee products
  2. Your order number and username
  3. The screencap of your original Snaptee Design that you ordered

We will evaluate your claim based on the evidence you submit. If your claim is approved, just mail back the defective product to us and we will make appropriate reprint or refund as soon as possible.

Please note that customers would be responsible for the fees involved for returning items. Return packages remain the responsibility of the customer until it is received by our team. Therefore, we recommend customer takes necessary precautions by using registered and traceable services when returning the products to us.

Also, returning item(s) without advance communication WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and NO REFUND OR REPRINT WILL BE ISSUED.

To request further instructions on how to return your order, please email us at cs@snaptee.co


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