I do not want this color, can I change to another one?

Change of mind? No problem. Contact us at cs@snaptee.co to cancel your order within 24 hours with no extra cost. Please email us your order number (SNAP-XXXXXXXXXX) and let us know your request.

However, no cancellation will be accepted after 24 hours of your order placement, it's because every Snaptee product is printed on-demand and we cannot re-stock the printed tee.

Also, to change tee color, please re-design is necessary.
To do this while keeping your tee graphic identical, here's how:

  1. Open your app
  2. Go to your locker
  3. Tap the design which you want to change tee color
  4. Remix your existing design
  5. Change the tee color during the remix
  6. Save the design
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