What is your refund policy?

Because Snaptee T-shirts are custom designed, one-of-a-kind creations, it is not possible to return them for a refund. However, if you receive a defective item, you would be eligible for a refund or reprint, please see more at our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


While it’s common for other fashion company to allow returning and swapping unused items for free, whether it’s swapping another design, product type or size etc., these options are not available in our case. The reason is that in Snaptee, we really can't just clean your personalised clothing and put it back on the shelf. As a result, every single one of the returned items are destined to end up in a landfill, without going through a normal lifecycle that it ought to. The energy and resources required to make this beautiful masterpiece would just go directly to landfill without the product serving its purpose. We want to avoid this so we only print-on-demand, trying our best to empower everyone to get what they really love, nothing more, nothing less while reducing impact to the environment as much as possible . We humbly ask for your effort to reduce wastage. Just by picking your choice carefully before your purchase, but not after can make a big difference.

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